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“The Desert Island Mystery” (by James Powell)

James Powell is one of very few writers to be found these days writing exclusively at short-story length, and his unique blend of mystery, fantasy, humor, and historical fact sets him apart even within the fraternity of short-story writers. But … Continue reading

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“On Location in Paradise” (by Hayford Peirce)

EQMM’s August issue, which mails to print subscribers a few weeks from now, contains a story set in French Polynesia—often said to be the most beautiful region in the world. Entitled “The Lethal Leeteg,” the story forms part of a … Continue reading

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“Sifting Through EQMM Buried Treasures” (by Sarah Weinman)

Many of EQMM’s subscribers, over the magazine’s long history, have been collectors of the magazine. Sometimes one hears of whole runs of the magazine being offered for sale, but more often several decades’ worth are offered to EQMM or mystery … Continue reading

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“A Lifetime With Ellery Queen” (by Francis M. Nevins)

On this first day of new postings for 2013, our first order of business has got to be to wish everyone who visits our blog a happy New Year! Our first post, however, is one in which we depart from … Continue reading

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“Looking Back on a Half-Century Love Affair with EQMM” (by Josh Pachter)

Josh Pachter falls into an unofficial group connected to EQMM that he doesn’t mention in the following post: most valued friends of the magazine.  He started out in the category we treasure most of all: devoted EQMM reader. From there, by the trail of events … Continue reading

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“Going Postal: The Particular Pleasures of Workplace Murders” (by Meredith Anthony)

When it comes to different lines of work, Meredith Anthony has known more than most people. She’s a humorist whose work has appeared in MAD Magazine and Hysteria; she’s done stand-up comedy; she was the writer and partner for the Spilled Milk collection of … Continue reading

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“Where Does It Happen?” (by Terrie Farley Moran)

Terrie Farley Moran is a short-story writer published in EQMM, AHMM, and a number of mystery anthologies. In 2009, one of her stories earned a place on the Best American Mystery Stories Distinguished Mysteries list. She is not only a writer of short … Continue reading

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Bouchercon XLIII

Last week I was in Cleveland for the forty-third Anthony Boucher Memorial World Mystery Convention, or (as everyone knows it) Bouchercon.  I imagine most readers of this blog are already familiar with Bouchercon, the yearly gathering of mystery fans, writers, … Continue reading

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“Writing About What You Want to Know” (by Janice Law)

An Edgar Allan Poe Award nominee for her mystery fiction, Janice Law has always also written mainstream novels and stories, so her perspective on fiction writing is wide. She has taught writing, and she blogs regularly on Janice Law, writer, … Continue reading

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“Discovering a Character” (by Melodie Johnson Howe)

Melodie Johnson Howe’s fiction has been recognized at both novel and short-story length with nominations for the Edgar, Anthony, Agatha, and Barry Awards. Though her output is not large, she is one of our genre’s most dependable writers in terms … Continue reading

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