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How to Flip Eggs and Influence People (by Tyler Fiecke)

Minnesotan Tyler Fiecke makes his fiction debut in EQMM’s current issue (May/June 2022) with the story “Runner.” A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, he makes his living as a chef and has been part of the culinary scene around the … Continue reading

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In Praise of the Long Story (or Novella/Novelette) (by Daniel C. Bartlett)

Daniel C. Bartlett’s short fiction has appeared in a number of literary and crime-fiction publications, including Iron Horse Literary Review, Chiron Review, and Mystery Magazine. He’s also a novelist whose first book has been signed with a literary agent while a second … Continue reading

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The Scariest Part of Writing Mysteries: The Beginning, the Middle, and the End (by Sharyn Kolberg)

The author of many popular nonfiction books, Sharyn Kolberg is a relative newcomer to fiction writing. She makes her EQMM debut in the issue that goes on sale next week (May/June 2022), with the story “The Thesaurus of Love and … Continue reading

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Is it Real or is it Fictionex? (by Rebecca K. Jones)

Rebecca K. Jones made her fiction debut in EQMM’s Department of First Stories in September/October 2009 with a story cowritten with her father, frequent EQMM contributor and translator Josh Pachter.  This month, her first novel, Steadying the Ark, was published. … Continue reading

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