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The Short Story Then & Now (by Tom Tolnay)

Tom Tolnay is the author of dozens of published short stories, both literary and genre. He’s had two dozen stories published in EQMM over the years. One of his literary stories, “The Ghost of F. Scott Fitzgerald,” was a winner … Continue reading

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It Takes a (Chinese) Village (by SJ Rozan and John Shen Yen Nee)

EQMM’s current issue (January/February 2023) contains a collaboration between Edgar, Shamus, and Anthony Award-winning writer SJ Rozan, the author of eighteen novels and more than eighty short stories, and entrepreneur, producer, former Senior Vice President at DC Comics, and former … Continue reading

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Groundhog’s Day (by Bill Bassman)

Bill Bassman makes his debut as a professional fiction writer with the story “Errand for a Neighbor” in our current issue, January/February 2023 (see the Department of First Stories). He’s a software engineer and a former teacher, and he tells … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Repentant Sesquipedalianist (by Sean McCluskey)

Sean McCluskey makes his fiction debut with the story “The Soiled Dove of Shallow Hollow” in EQMM’s current issue (January/February 2023). He tells EQMM that he is a federal agent on a fugitive task force in New York and that … Continue reading

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