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A Comeback for the Cozy Mystery? (by Janet Hutchings)

The traditional or “cozy” mystery seems to be enjoying something of a resurgence. At EQMM, we are currently seeing a slight uptick in that type of mystery in our short-story submissions, after years of it being a rarity. Novels in … Continue reading

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James Crumley’s Unfilmable Masterpiece (by Jameson Trahearne)

Jameson Trahearne is a pseudonymous new writer whose pen name, first and last, is taken from characters in the novels of James Crumley. In this post, one of Crumley’s great novels, The Last Good Kiss, is examined in detail. We … Continue reading

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Christie by Candlelight (by Ashley-Ruth Bernier)

A writer from the island of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Ashley-Ruth Bernier has had stories published in the distinguished literary journal The Caribbean Writer. She’s a teacher at a local elementary school who manages to write in … Continue reading

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14 Rules For Pretty Good Writing (by Ralph Hornbeck)

Ralph Hornbeck is a new writer for EQMM whose short story “Strangler Fig” is in this month’s Department of First Stories. Though he’s new to us—in fact, “Stranger Fig” is the first piece he’s ever published—he isn’t new to mystery … Continue reading

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The Wealth of Loneliness (by Michael Caleb Tasker)

Michael Caleb Tasker was born in Montreal, raised in New Orleans, and now resides in Australia, where he was a staff writer for Look, the Sydney-based fine arts magazine, for a number of years. Tasker’s writing has won the Saturday … Continue reading

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