What Are Your 2021 Literary Resolutions?

It’s easy to get out of the habit of sitting down to read these days, no matter how much I want to do nothing else. To help counter this, I’ve begun setting a goal of how many books I want to read per year. This year, my goal was 41, and I’m just one book away—since I have some in progress, I think I’ll make it! It was a good year for staying home and reading, if nothing else.

I also track the books by genre, background of the author, topic, form, etc., to help me decide what I want to read next. And it seems that every time I read one of our book-review columns—either The Jury Box or the web installments of Stranger Than Fiction—I have another book to add to my to-read pile. (I currently have about fifteen books out from Queens Public Library, but who’s counting?)

It’s been an overwhelming year, and I’m grateful to look over my list and think about what I’ve learned and the characters I’ve met. Next year, I’d like to read more Golden Age mysteries, mixing them in with new releases from diverse authors.

What are your mystery reading and writing goals for 2021?—Jackie Sherbow

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4 Responses to What Are Your 2021 Literary Resolutions?

  1. V.S. Kemanis says:

    An impressive number, Jackie! I hope to read a few dozen. Currently reading Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz. Happy New Year to you and everyone at EQMM.

  2. Art Taylor says:

    Sounds like good progress and good plans too! I make a New Year’s Reading Resolution every year—and this past year’s was to read all of the Edgar Award-winning short stories first to last. (I’ve missed only one and still hoping to find a copy!) When I saw that John Le Carré had died, I had my resolution for 2021 too. Years ago, as a teenager in fact, I tried to read the Karla trilogy, and while I enjoyed Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, the next one—The Honourable Schoolboy—seemed intimidating. This year, I’m trying again—and I’ll make it through!

    • Jackie Sherbow says:

      Thank you, Art! That’s great– I love that sort of challenge. Great point about le Carré ( 😦 ). Some years ago, I found a very cool paperback of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and I got very into the Smiley series for a time, but I have only read about 3 or 4 of the books. It might be time to revisit for me as well.

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