Happy New Year from EQMM, and best wishes for 2018. What are your reading resolutions for the year?

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  1. Plenty of great crime fiction digest magazines!

  2. EQMM and AHMM of course, and Lori Roy’s Let Me Die in His Footsteps, which has been sitting next to my reading chair for too long. (One can’t go wrong with Lori Roy.) But I also intend to finish my first edition copy of Old Man and the Sea, which I hoped to peddle to a heritage bookstore here in L.A. but started re-reading (and enjoying) all over again. I put it aside to sell with a James Fenimore Cooper novel, The Prairie, which I found in someone’s trash, missing the title and copyright pages but with this inscription: “To Henry Becker from Mary, Birthday 1905.” No cover on either, so I won’t be getting rich, but perhaps they will find a welcoming new home. Best wishes for 2018 to everyone at EQMM, AHMM and the Dell family for all that they do for the crime genre.

  3. Lou manfredo says:

    Continuing to read every Spenser novel Robert Parker ever wrote in the delusional hope I may some day be able to write something half as good. Happy New Year to all at Dell!

  4. Michael Nella says:

    Every EQMM from 2018 and continue reading my back issue collection (just finished 6/63, hope to get through 1964 by the end of 2018), continue to read more of my paperbacks in my collection and also find someone I can physically have a conversation with about them.

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