“The Passion of Lizzie B.” (by Edward D. Hoch)

It’s often been theorized that violent crime goes up in the summer due to higher temperatures. The murders of Andrew and Abby Borden are among the most notorious crimes committed on a hot summer day—on August 4, 1892.  Lizzie Borden, Andrew’s daughter and Abby’s stepdaughter, was arrested for the ax killings, tried, and acquitted. Despite her acquittal, many continued to believe her guilty of the brutal murders. Many writers have taken up the subject of the Borden murders, but few have turned a fictional eye to alternative courses Lizzie’s life might have taken after her release. Patricia Hoch, the widow of MWA Grand Master Edward D. Hoch, has kindly given us permission to post this story from Ed’s Ben Snow series, in which Lizzie’s story is imaginatively continued in a way other than it did in reality. The story first appeared in the September 1993 EQMM, and it is copyrighted by the estate of Edward D. Hoch.—Janet Hutchings


Hoch_Lizzie_117 Hoch_Lizzie_118 Hoch_Lizzie_119 Hoch_Lizzie_120 Hoch_Lizzie_121 Hoch_Lizzie_122 Hoch_Lizzie_123 Hoch_Lizzie_124 Hoch_Lizzie_125 Hoch_Lizzie_126 Hoch_Lizzie_127 Hoch_Lizzie_128 Hoch_Lizzie_129 Hoch_Lizzie_130 Hoch_Lizzie_131 Hoch_Lizzie_132

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