“Behind the Scenes at 267 Broadway” (by Jackie Sherbow)

Jackie Sherbow is the senior assistant editor for EQMM and AHMM. This post will also appear at Trace Evidence.

My recent contribution to SleuthSayers, an inside look at the submissions process, had me wondering if people wouldn’t be interested in a literal inside view of our offices. So, come on in!

267 Broadway

267 Broadway

267 Broadway has been the NYC home of Dell Magazines since 2009. Its residents include the editorial staff for AHMM, EQMM, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Dell Horoscope, and a variety of Dell’s puzzle titles. We work closely with our two other outposts, both in southern Connecticut (Milford and Norwalk).

The view across Broadway: City Hall Park

The view across Broadway: City Hall Park

When you arrive at Dell, you’re greeted by Mary Grant, our office manager, editorial assistant, and receptionist. She runs day-to-day operations here as well as provides administrative and editorial support to each department, and has been making lives easier for Dell employees for thirteen years.

Mary Grant

Mary Grant

The mystery team includes—along with myself and the editors—Deanna McLafferty, our Editorial Administrative Assistant. Along with working for all the other departments (yes, all of them), Deanna takes care of many day-to-day tasks for EQ and AH—anything you can think of on the administrative to editorial spectrum, Deanna has probably helped with it. You might recognize her as the kind soul who poured you a drink at the EQ/AH pre-Edgars Cocktail Party for the past couple of years.

Deanna McLafferty

Deanna McLafferty

To me, the reference room is the richest part of our floor, and a spot where you can easily lose a chunk of time exploring the multitudes of specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other literary goodies.

From the reference room

From the reference room

This shelf is a strange one now for us, as it features the dwindling slush pile of AHMM after its switch to electronic submissions (which I also talk about in the SleuthSayers post). As a comparison, I’ll include a photo of older stacks, from Linda’s home office.

AHMM's dwindling hard-copy slush pile.

AHMM‘s dwindling hard-copy slush pile.

Paper manuscripts in Linda's home office.

Paper manuscripts in Linda’s home office.

Here are the card catalogs, which list all the authors and stories printed in the magazines.

EQ cards

And here are our back-issue archives, stored on shelves built specifically to fit our volumes.

EQMM back-issues archive.

EQMM back-issue archives.

AHMM back-issues archive.

AHMM back-issue archives.

And there you have it! Perhaps not as mysterious as you’d have thought, but chock-full of mysteries all the same.

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17 Responses to “Behind the Scenes at 267 Broadway” (by Jackie Sherbow)

  1. Art Taylor says:

    Love it! I have indeed always been curious!!!

  2. Evan Lewis says:

    Very cool, Jackie. You make me want to see it in person. On Thursday. At 2:30.

  3. Dixon Hill says:

    Fantastic! Loved your post on Sleuth Sayers . . . and this is even more interesting.
    Thanks for everything,

  4. David Dean says:

    Thanks, Jackie–that was fun!

  5. John Floyd says:

    Fantastic, Jackie! Thanks for the informative tour. — John

  6. Leigh says:

    The little park across the street is wonderful!

    I’d visited the old offices and briefly met Mary and the graphic arts people. Janet graciously took the time to give me a tour and my main memory was of those groaning bookshelves. What an archive! Linda gave me a copy of the Math and Logic Puzzles magazine, which I devoured.

    (That tour came in handy during an on-going, on-line murder mystery in TheMysteryPlace forum featuring Dale Andrews and others.)

    Ya gotta love Dell! Thanks for the tour, Jackie.

    • Jackie Sherbow says:

      And just beyond the park, Leigh, is the Brooklyn Bridge!

      I never saw the Park Avenue offices myself, but I’ve heard about them. Groaning is the perfect word for those bookshelves.

      Thanks again to you for the opportunity to visit SleuthSayers!

  7. V.S. Kemanis says:

    Jackie, I enjoyed the tour! I’m in your neighborhood often, so it’s fun to see the inside of your offices. I’m especially excited to think that my name might be inside the two card catalog drawers with the most character–the ones with the crooked labels. Your post on SleuthSayers is excellent too. Thank you!

    • Jackie Sherbow says:

      Thank you, Vija! It makes sense that you’d be down here often, now that you mention it. I enjoy working in this neighborhood a lot. Yes, your name does dwell inside those card catalogs!

  8. Cheryl Rogers says:

    What a lovely post and pics, Jackie. I live on the other side of the world and admit to having long been curious about that fascinating address. It’s wonderful to see inside the office and meet the team behind the magazines. Thank you for a great tour.

  9. Lou manfredo says:

    Thanks for the tour, Jackie. That reference room would be my first stop.

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